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The 2016 Mobile Market Trends​

What to expect this year in the mobile market? An accelerated growth of smartphone usage, more m-commerce and the need for a multichannel mobile strategy.

Mobile Market Trends

In 2016, we’re shifting towards a mobile only world. Smartphone penetration is rising to almost 100 percent among millennials in the US. People now spend an average of 158 minutes every day on their smartphones and tablets. Even 75 percent brings their smartphone to the bathroom! And according to Nielsen, India welcomes 5 million new mobile internet users every month!

There is no doubt: smartphones and tablets are our most important means of getting in touch, of playing games and  gathering news. In an average week, 156 million U.S. adult consumers engage in social networking via their smartphone.

M-commerce: A Billion Dollar Industry

Are you overwhelmed by these mobile growth figures? Well, hold on, there’s more: with 4 out of 5 consumers using their smartphones to shop ( it has even become our favorite way of purchasing products. During the last holiday season consumers spent already $12.65 billion via mobile devices, says Comscore data, and it is expected to double this year. M-commerce has become a billion dollar industry.

Mobile Advertising: Bigger Budgets

It’s no surprise that when customers prefer their mobile devices to search, shop and pay, advertising follows, so we’ll see a major break-through in mobile ads this year. The experts of say “the $101.37 billion to be spent on ads served to mobile phones and tablets worldwide next year represents a nearly 430% increase from 2013. Between 2016 and 2019 (…)mobile ad spending will nearly double, hitting $195.55 billion to account for 70.1% of digital ad spend as well as over one-quarter of total media ad spending globally.”

Mobile apps seem to get the biggest share of the expanding advertising budgets. Why? “Users spend more time in apps than they do on mobile websites so brands are following on this consumer trend,” says emarketer.

In fact, mobile ads are preferably animated GIFs and autoplay video to catch the consumers eye. Online video is now becoming more effective than tv advertising,” says Marketing Land. You can have all kinds of video in your apps. Check out this article to see how easy it is to add video. This goes for video advertising, but even a video live stream is an option for your apps.

Multichannel Mobile Strategy

What does this mean for your mobile strategy, assuming you are convinced that a mobile presence is a must these days? First of all: your mobile website is SEO proof, lightning fast and behaves like an app with its superior usability features. That’s what mobile customers expect in 2016.

What else? Well, your online shop is easily accessible, your registration process is childishly simple and your mobile payment methods are convenient and versatile. Take a look at our brand new checkout block to see how easy it is to set up an in-app shop with your own payment methods.

In 2016 mobile apps are the way to create better up-selling facilities towards existing clients. They already know who you are, were to find you and the trustworthiness of your company.

Did you know push messages are a great tool for interaction with users? You can send push messages by category or by location or even to selected users of your app. No matter how small your company is, personalized micro marketing is now within your reach!

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