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New Advertising Feature For All Apps

Of all our latest improvements, the new advertising feature is the one you were waiting for. Monetize your apps with eye-catching adds in the top image. This is how it works:

Use top image for ads

Any top image in your app can now be a link: to an external website. And that’s the interesting part: replace some of your top images with a banner of a commercial advertiser, add the url of their landing page and you’re done! You probably don’t want to overfill your app with ads, but a few pages could generate some income. So start chasing your local restaurants, shops or offer product placing to your suppliers.

The top image in your app is the most prominent image which logically is the most interesting ad space for advertisers. It’s the first thing users see when they open a page. So you might go for premium pricing here. At least make sure the ad design fits your app. Top images require a minimum size of 640 x 220 px.

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